Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Its beginning to feel a lot like......

Sarah C tells us a wonderful Festive Tale:

This evening Sarah and I attended Highgrove's annual Christmas champagne and canapés evening. firstly, the champers was the Highgrove cuvee champagne blanc, at a reasonable £29.95 a bottle. and the canapés were a delight too. Especially the quails eggs!
So I arrive to the "private reception" sign under an enormous Christmas wreath (Yes, it is only October) and immediately on entering I am bundled into a group photo and asked whether I am a WI member. Time to grab a drink, find Sarah and start browsing and planning the perfect Christmas. Sarah even met the royal wedding decoration arranger!
We also would like to acknowledge the entertainment provided by Debretts classic tome: The A to Z of Modern Manners that taught us such gems of wisdom on the minefield of manners that include:
Sneezing: One of the more acceptable of bodily functions, one or two sneezes are acceptable, but if you feel a sneezing fit coming on: quickly remove yourself from the situation.
A few other insights can be found here 

Pricey-ness: ££ (We will be using £,££,£££ to indicate how good value a shop/venue is)
Left with: Traditional Christmas decoration making kit, biscuits, canvas bag
Goody bag: containing fudge, diary, pretty note card set and a discount voucher good til Christmas. A 4 out of 5 Goody Bag - Excellent, but a little bottle of Champagne would have made it a perfect 5!


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